Astral Viron QT1050 Robotic Pool Cleaner

  • Sensor Nav System™ maps your pool to optimise cleaning path
  • Dual-stage filtration with 150µ/60µ filter canisters
  • Suction efficiency with patented continuous cyclonic suction power
  • Control and monitor cleaning progress using intuitive iAquaLink™ app
  • Transparent canister window with LED illumination
  • Patented Elevate/Lift System™ makes for easy pool removal
  • Climate Care Certified by SPASA Australia


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The new Viron QT1050 robotic pool cleaner combines ultra-efficiency with intelligence and dual-stage filtration. Equipped with Sensor Nav System™ technology, iAquaLink app integration, an elevate system for effortless pool removal and much more, the QT1050 sets the benchmark for AstralPool’s robotic cleaning range.

Robotic cleaners are fully independent cleaners that relieve the load on the skimmer, pump baskets and filter, reducing maintenance and saving water by reducing backwash. The NEW Viron QT1050 utilises iAquaLink technology, allowing you to take control of the cleaner with an in app remote control and monitor the cleaner’s progress. And, with 7-day programming and an 18m swivel cable to reduce tangling, the QT1050 ushers in a new era for convenience and control. The new dual-stage filtration of 150µ/60µ ensures all small and large debris is picked up keeping your pool clean.


Sensor Nav System™ is an embedded feature which enable VIRON QT1050 to learn all about each pool and adapt its cleaning in the smartest way.
• Personalised cleaning of each pool
• Recognition and analysis of the pool dimensions and shape to provide with optimized navigation pattern and cleaning time for each pool.
• Built-in pressure sensor allows the cleaner to climb the walls and steadily brush the waterline whatever the depth is.
• Focusing on common dirty areas such as bottom of the walls and flat areas of the pool.



Thanks to its unique design, the VIRON QT1050 features Cyclonic Suction, it keeps debris in suspension inside the filter and allows a longer lasting suction while limiting clogging.



The VIRON QT1050 robotic cleaner positions itself on the chosen wall and climbs right up to the water line. Then a powerful waterjet propels excess water from the cleaner. This means that you can remove the robot from the water with 20% less effort.



QT1050 Feature: Dual stage filtration – 150μ/60μ. The dual filters ensure all debris is picked up no matter how large or how small it is. The 150μ filter can be used alone or together with the 60μ filter. Other than dual filters, VIRON QT1050 can also be operated with single 60μ, 100μ or 200μ filters.



Automatic swivel system reduces cable tangling during cleaner operation in the pool. The cleaner efficiency is optimized and the cable storage is easier. VIRON QT1050 comes equipped with a 18m swivel cable.



Equipped with 4-wheel drive, the VIRON QT1050adapts to all situations to overcome most obstacles.



Smartphone connectivity has now won over every sector, including swimming pools. Thanks to the intuitive iAquaLink™ App, you can remotely operate VIRON QT1050 robotic cleaner and review the progress of the cleaning cycle. Also VIRON QT1050 is upgradable thanks to over-the-air updates.
• Remote Control
• 7-Day Timer
• Elevate System
• Choose cleaning mode, start, stop, and monitor cycles
• Smart cleaning mode
• Full filter indicator

Warranty Information

3 years

3 years or 1200 running hours on motor block.1 year on wearable parts (filter canister, tyres and roller brush)


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