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Any pool requires further maintenance, regardless of its type or material of manufacture

The Pool Barn has been installing a wide range of pool related equipment in homes in the area south of Brisbane for over 30 years. We not only install but supply all equipment listed below. We are your one stop shop for pool equipment repair and services.

We offer a wide range of pumps, chemical feeders, filters, salt chlorinators, spa blowers, and cleaners to keep your pool sparkling all year long.

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Our Pool Supplies

Pool Barn Offers wide variety of pool Supplies which includes the processing of the walls of the tank, equipment, inventory, and complex.

Comprehensive swimming pool maintenance is carried out once a season. You can make it yourself, you can entrust it to professionals.

What do you need for pool - essential supplies?

Maintenance of outdoor pools requires special tools and chemicals. The list is long, there are many analogues, the choice is large.

Where and how to order pool supplies?

You can also order a comprehensive service in a company that will protect the owners from the hassle and provide a full range of services. Repairs will be carried out by highly qualified specialists from the service. They will give a guarantee on their labor and replaced parts. The price for the cost varies from the type of work and the region.

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