Enjoy a fresh pool all year long with our pool maintenance services in Brisbane South Suburbs


Enjoy a crisp clear pool all year round with the help of the pool maintenance experts at The Pool Barn in South Brisbane suburbs. We offer expert advice and a range of services such as on-site water testing and rebalancing, leak detection, chemicals, equipment, spare parts, and more.

The Pool Barn was established in 1980 and was one of the first pool shops of its kind to open in Brisbane. Over the last 40 years, The Pool Barn’s services and products have changed and expanded dramatically in order to keep up with the needs and trends of today’s pools and spas. The Pool Barn has been a family-owned Queensland business since its inception. 

The Poolbarn is open 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to noon on Saturdays.

Pool season is almost here... We’ll make sure you can jump right in!

We treat every pool as if it’s our own. We just believe in treating our clients the way we would want to be treated.

Best pool cleaning service!

The company’s specialists will provide high-quality maintenance of pools of various depths, sizes and configurations. The price and scope of work is specified in the contract.

Service benefits

You get a guarantee of water quality, save on expensive equipment. We will come and do all the work quickly and efficiently.

Swimming pool maintenance steps

First, a service company specialist conducts diagnostics, evaluates the scope of work and offers the customer the best service plan for this pool, which is fixed in the contract.

Why choose us

Trained and certified professionals

Our employees have the necessary experience and are ready to realize your most daring ideas

Get peace of mind 365 days a year

A place to relax and unwind. Create the coziest corner in your home

High quality pool servicing

You will forget what problems with the quality and temperature of water, malfunction of the pool equipment

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High-class specialists are ready to help you at any time!

Our experienced technicians can service any pool or spa.Call us or stop by today to get started.

Chemicals balance

We make sure that the composition of the water is of high quality and useful for you.

Licensed & insured

All works are certified and guarantee your safety.

Every customer is unique

We treat each client with care. We do exactly what you need, tailored to your requirements.

Filter celaning service

The best water purification on modern equipment.

Quality guaranteed

You get a full range of services at a reasonable price. All work is specified in the contract, and the price is not subject to change.

Health protected

We use only high-quality reagents and cleaners for your health.

Top rated pool and spa cleaning company

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We are ready to help you with all of your pool and spa needs.

Feedback from our customers

Our reputation for quality is unmatched by our competitors.